When ordering your bespoke country-themed blinds, you'll need to let us know the dimensions of your window and door recesses.

To Fit Inside Window Recess

The most popular method of mounting blinds is within the window recess.

1. Measure WIDTH ‘A’ between the two walls at each side of the window. Measure the top and bottom of the recess and use the narrowest measurement.

2. Measure DEPTH ‘B’ between the wall above window and top of windowsill. Measure the left and right sides of the recess and use the narrowest measurement.

How to measure blinds for fitment inside a window recess

To Fit Outside Window Recess

1. Measure WIDTH ‘C’. Remember to allow for overlap each side of the recess. A minimum of 3 inches (7.5 cm) overall is our recommendation.

2. Measure DEPTH ‘D’. Remember to allow for overlap at top and bottom of recess. Just add 5 inches to depth of window.

How to measure blinds for fitting outside of the window recess


Width for prices and ordering purpose is width of the glass plus 3 inches. Remember to allow clearance for door handle.


1. All blinds will be cut, printed and made up according to the above measurements.

2. Widths of blinds are not widths of fabric. All our blinds require fixtures, which extend slightly beyond the actual fabric width. Do not give us fabric widths on the order form. Give width and drop measurements as described above. If still in doubt send rough sketch with all dimensions marked.

3. If a Sidewinder is required please state left or right. The Sidewinder fitting does not increase the space taken by the fittings and does not need to be allowed for when measuring

4. Please note that the fitting brackets despatched with our blinds are a 'universal' design. i.e. they enable you to attach the blind either to the window surround or to the ceiling of the window recess or to the inner wall of the recess.

5. When measuring for multiple blinds, you must leave a 35mm gap between blinds to allow for the sidewinder mechanism.